One of the best dishes you could have at an Awadhi cuisine is Galauti Kebab, which has a particular recipe and method of cooking as well. The Galauti Kebab is a spicy, hot, and aromatic treat. It is cooked using extensive smoking that is created using charcoal, and also involved frying on a griddle. The recipe below is for a quantity that would cater to 4-6 people.

Process for cooking Galauti Kebab includes:

First, mince the lamb along with raw papaya, ginger, garlic, and green chilies.

Next, blend in the ground cardamom, red chili powder, roasted gram flour, mace, cashew nut paste, kewra essence, onion paste, rose petals and finely sliced coriander leaves. This needs to be mixed well.

Take the mixture and place it along side the edges of a medium-sized container (metal). Make sure that the center of the container is left empty and clear.

In the empty center, place some pieces of smoldering charcoal along with a few cloves. Sprinkle some oil over the charcoal. This will release a smoke from the charcoal until the oil begins to smoke. Once this starts, cover the container tightly to prevent the smoke from escaping. This should stand for around 20 minutes and not be touched. During this process, the smoke released from the coal diffuses into the mixture prepared.

The next step includes heating up the tawa with some oil. Next, divide the mixture into 2 rolls and flatten them. Their diameter should be around 2 inches. The two portions are cooked gently with occasional tossing and shaping. This is dish is best served with mint sauce.


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