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Desserts in any cuisine are a real treat, and in Awadhi cuisine desserts are simply delicious. Every meal ends with a dessert to sweeten your mouth, and these desserts in Awadhi cuisine certainly do that brilliantly.

One of the specialties in desserts in Awadhi cuisine is the Khubani a Meetha. This dessert is made from poached dry apricots, and it is served with fresh cream. Also, Apple Jalebi is another dessert that can knock you down with surprise.

Kulfi is another sweet dish often served at dessert time. It is cooling and made from rich milk. This used to be an independent sweet dish at one time, but was also included as a dessert in different banquets. This is the reason why kulfi is very popular in the subcontinent.

Another divine sweet dish is the Rabri Lachhedaar, and is a favorite in many cuisines across the subcontinent. However, you will probably encounter it by different names in different locations.

At different times during the year you will also find a variety of sweet dishes. These tend to be made of a mixture of milk and different kinds of fruits. They may also include: cereal, pulses and vegetables.

Some of the major sweet dishes that you need to try are halwa, jalebis and burfis too.

Aside from consuming sweet dishes after a major meal in Awadhi cuisine, you will most probably be presented with Paan. Though this is most common in the South, it is popular almost throughout India. In some parts of India it is a must after consuming a grand meal.

Paan is usually made from betel leaf and areca nut. It is usually decorated with exotic flavors, spices, saffron, silver foil and condiments. Their proportions are extremely important as well in order to develop the right flavor. In Awadhi cuisine, getting the right taste in a dessert is essential. Therefore, those who prepare desserts and small treats after grand meals take care to produce the best possible taste.

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