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No cuisine is complete without having an adequate number of beverages, and Awadhi cuisine is one cuisine that has sufficient beverages in it. Beverages are considered important to any main course meal in order to make sure your food is digested well. Particularly after consuming heavy meals, you need beverages that can wash it down.

In Awadhi cuisine, tea and coffee are very common. They are indeed the most common of the non-alcoholic beverages, and tea is referred to as chai while coffee is called kaapi. These names for tea and coffee however seem to be known throughout most of India. Therefore, tea stalls are quite common in India.

In addition to these beverages, you will also find beverages like lassi. This is believed to be a very cooling drink that is made from curd and rose essence. It is a drink that is quite filling too, and one tall glass of lassi consumed with cream is believed to be one complete meal. Lassi may be produced in different flavors as well, and is served with different types of meals.

Sherbat is another well-known beverage in Awadhi cuisine, and is served especially during the summers. It tends to be a mixture of simple lemonade and complex drink of milk with crushed almonds. It is always served cold, and may also be quite filling.

In addition to the above beverages, there are also other kinds available. However, these would hardly be considered as Awadhi. They are simply available for the sake of one having an alternative taste, but Awadhi cuisine does not include drinks such as Pepsi.

Awadhi cuisine is a delicious treat, and it cannot be complete without its traditional drinks. Therefore, the beverages available in Awadhi cuisine are thought to be very important.

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