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In any cuisine, appetizers are most important, and this is true to say of Awadhi appetizers too. This is because they help to steadily bring you in to a main course meal in cuisines such as the Awadhi cuisine. Even though you may really be hungry, and may be fully capable of doing without an appetizer to get you going, an appetizer has the ability to soothe your hunger and at the same time maintain it. This is the reason why when you consume appetizers, your mellow down a bit but are still capable of consuming whatever is served at a main course.

There are several small dishes that are considered to be appetizers at an Awadhi banquet. These may be smaller versions of large-sized meals or they may simply be tantalizing dishes that stimulate yet soothe your hunger.

In Awadhi cuisine, it is common to find some of the most delicious appetizers. In preparing appetizers, the same rules that are applied to cooking main course meals are applied to cooing appetizers. One of the most traditional features of Awadhi style of cooking is the 'Dum Pukht' method. This process indeed includes food being prepared in handis. By cooking appetizers in handis, you allow them to actually cook in the very juices they produce. This means that the food cooked, re-absorbs all the juices that are prepared in the process. In addition this, all the ingredients added in are also absorbed into the food. This is why this type of food has a great taste. When you cook appetizers in this way, it is obvious that they would taste great, as the intensity of the flavor is maintained and enhanced throughout the cooking process.

Without doubt, Awadhi cuisine prepares some of the best and most delicious appetizers.

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