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A dish that made the Austrians famous all around the world is the apple strudel. Most of the Austrians end the meal with a dessert. They make puddings, such as Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding, various fruit cakes and tarts. Other traditional desserts are:

  • Austrian Gugelhupf
  • Echte Salzburger Nockerl
  • Eierkuchen (Austrian Egg Cake)
  • Gebackene Apfelspalten (Apple Fritters)
  • Gebackene Mause (Fried Mice)
  • Kaiserschmarren (Kaiser Pancakes)
  • Meraner Torte
  • Mohnkuchen (Poppy Seed Cake)
  • Napfkuchen (Turban Cake)
  • Mohr im hemd (Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding)
  • Palatschinken
  • Sachertorte
  • Vanille Kipferl

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