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Soups are versatile portions of any cuisine. They may be used as appetizers in cuisines of any kind including Assamese cuisine. However, in Assamese cuisine, soups are normally had anyway you like. They are considered to be nutritious and there are a lot of people who consume them simply to gain strength.

Among some of the common soups, you will find the popular Vegetable Soup or Lentil Soup – These may be of different kinds, and have a certain degree of spice and salt too.

You will never find chicken soup around commonly. In fact, it is tabooed in traditional Assamese cuisine. Just like you will never find chicken dishes around, the same applies to other portions of this cuisine.

It must be realized that generally Assamese cuisine does not have much meat consumed, and this means that meat is not common in soups either. With its variety of vegetable, pulse and lentil soup, there is already a great tasting variety. Therefore, there hardly is any need for meats in the form of soups.

Soups are well known healthy parts of a cuisine. In Assamese cuisine, there is no shortage of soups. You will also find people creating their own kind as well.

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