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When it comes to snacks, there is no shortage of any of them in most cuisines. This is because main course meals are manipulated in such a way that they can be used as snacks. The same thing is true with Assamese cuisine that has plenty of snacks.

A lot of the Assamese cuisine snacks are rice based, but there are also ones that include wheat and even gram , there are no restrictions when you can have these snacks.

You will also find several snacks that are a delight. They are capable of drawing you to try out more of this cuisine. Once you taste the snacks in this cuisine, you would want to try more.

Since, people who adhere to Assamese cuisine are mainly rice-eating people, the day may even commence with rice snacks. However, you could say that these snacks are used for breakfast. Pitha is an example, and it is made of rice flour. Pitha may be filled with coconut powder or even have a coating of jaggery.

It must be remembered that all snacks in Assamese cuisine are simple and easy to make like their main dishes, as there are no lengthy processes involved. Each of the meals and snacks only take around 20 or 30 minutes to prepare in.

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