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Salads are an important part Assamese cuisine. Without a salad, no food is complete in any cuisine, and this is why there are various kinds of foods that are used as salads in this cuisine. Assamese cuisine is quite Bengali influenced, and this means that the people trend to use a lot of rice and fish in their foods. With these food substances, vegetable salads go well, and there are also a number of other options that could be included. Assamese being influenced densely by Bengali cuisine as well as Indian regional cuisines has a pretty good variety.

Churtney, raita, fresh green salads and pickles are known in Assamese cuisine. It generally depends on how traditional one is when it comes to consuming food, and your choices in salads will depend on that too.

There is a large number of dishes being made from fruits and vegetables too. Salads are of various kinds, and may be a combination of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and radish.

Even though it is simple and has very no meat dishes largely, Assamese cuisine is one of the most appreciated cuisines for its salads and its foods. With the bulk of its dishes being made from rice and fish, salads go best with them. In households where salads are not used commonly, you will find that they fry up masala fish that is quite crisp.

In most households, whether they are traditional or not, you will find salads being most common. There is no shortage of green vegetation in this region that is nearest to Bengal, and this means that vegetables for salads are abundant. It must be asserted that these salads add to the nutritional level of Assamese cuisine as well.

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