Following recipes in any cuisine is important to get the taste just right. In Assamese cuisine as well, the same general rule applies when following a recipe. Among some of the best and unique recipes in Assamese cuisine is Parar Jhol (Wood pigeons Curry). This is something totally different in Indian cuisines because it is quite unusual to cook pigeons for cooking. Below are the ingredients and instructions for making Parar Jhol.

The method for cooking Parar Jhol is as follows:

First, you need to cut the pigeons into small pieces. Next, rub jeera, haldi and salt. While this stands aside, start heating the oil, and then add in the tejpat, garam masala, and onions. Fry them all until they dry up and start getting sticky. Next, put in jeera and jaluk. Fry this up for an additional 3 minutes or so. Once this is done add in the chopped pigeons. Keep frying gently and add in the required amount of salt to taste. Next, add in some water for the mixture to boil. Once this is cooked, garnish the dish with hot ghee, which is of course optional.

Assamese cuisine truly has delights such as Parar Jhol, which are both unique and tasty.


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