Assamese cuisine is one of the most vegetarian cuisines you will come across. However, fish is eaten commonly with rice. There are numerous dishes that are made using fish and rice while there must be hardly a handful of dishes that use beef and chicken. Dishes made from chicken are not common at all, and in traditional households it is a taboo. This means that it is simply not acceptable in traditional cuisine. Meat eaters are few to come by, and they perhaps are the reasons for the few existing meat dishes.

Rice is known to be the staple diet in Assam. It is consumed in various forms at any time of the day. Therefore, there are many dishes that have been created for using rice.

Breakfast cereals are usually milk, chira (chura), thick cream­akhoi (puffed rice), yoghurt and muri, komal chaul (processed rice that is ready to consume after soaking in cold water) and hurum. Also, there are the different kinds of pitha. Thee are made from rice powder.

Generally, it can be said that authentic Assamese cuisine is quite bland but delicious. Oil is used sparingly in this cuisine and so are spices. In fact, some people hardly use any. Generally, most people are vegetarian, and so, meat dishes are hard to find. In contrast to this, it is said that it is difficult to find anyone who does not consume fish and duck’s eggs.

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