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In Assamese cuisine there are a several desserts. As opposed to the lack of meat dishes in Assamese cuisine, sweet dishes are present and are of different types. Many of them are quite sweet and thickened milk confectionery. The use of cardamom and nuts is common in desserts. Yoghurt is popularly used as well.

There are also sweets that are made from wheat flour, lentil flour, cheese and dried nuts. Some of desserts in Assamese cuisine fall into a wide range of "pithas". These are cakes, and are made by different methods.

Desserts like rice kheer is very common. Not surprisingly, there are many desserts made of rice. For those who would like to avoid rice in their diet, a piece of beetle nut and paan is also commonly considered as an alternative.

Assamese desserts certainly have a wide range, and this is because of the fact that it is able to use every ingredient to make sweet dishes that other cuisines make use of. Indeed, there is a great variety that one can have in desserts and sweet dishes in Assamese cuisine. There is no shortage with regard to what you might create as well. Therefore, Assamese cuisine presents considerable room for experimentation. However, rice-based desserts are mostly enjoyed.

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