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Indeed, beverages in a cuisine are important, and in Assamese cuisine has the same. It has the well-known ‘chai’ or tea that is popular throughout India. This can be made in various forms, depending on what you may like. This is because tea can be flavored whichever way you want. However, there are particular techniques involved.

Tea may be consumed at any time of the day, and it is also common to have it after meals. It is helpful for washing down your food after a heavy meal. Aside from chai being an important beverage in Assamese cuisine, there is sherbat. This is a very popular sweet drink that is made of a number of ingredients however the most popular is the very ordinary and simple black tea with a pinch of salt and pepper (optional specially in the winter) added to it.

The concept of sherbat is new in assamese cuisine,though some traditionals like "belor sorbot or nemu tengar sorbot exist.

Another,rather the most popular traditional beverage is rice beer(known as lao pani, apong,and by many other names in different regions)

Assamese cuisine like other Indian cuisine has a wide variety to offer you in spite of it lacking dishes in certain areas of the cuisine. Largely, it is a simple cuisine but is a tasty one too. Its beverages are great too and are important parts of a banquet in any celebration.

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