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Appetizers in Assamese cuisine are a real treat. Soups may be commonly used as appetizers. However, there are smaller shies of lentils and pulses that are used as appetizers.

Generally, Assamese cuisine has a tremendous range of fish, rice, pulses and lentils. These are used to make main course meals as well as appetizers.

Some appetizers are made from fish and are indeed delicious. They are full of delight even though they do not have much spice in them. Once you taste them, they leave you with the temptation of trying them again.

Since appetizers can also be in the form of smaller portions of large sized meals, there is an even greater variety you may have. Now, this is considered to be quite a variety considering that you do not chicken and meats used generally.

Indeed, the most stimulating of these appetizers can be chosen. They are not spicy, but are just right for stimulating your gastric juices. At the same time, if you are extremely hungry, you stomach is soothed too.

Assamese cuisine is truly a complete one with these kinds of appetizers and other main course meals.

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