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The Armenian desserts are inspired by the ones that are prepared in Turkey and Greece. People use a great variety of ingredients in order to prepare these delicacies. The main elements are represented by nuts, almonds, coconuts and appricots on one hand, and by yoghurt on the other hand. The yoghurt is used in most of the Armenian dishes, no matter if they are appetizers, meat dishes or desserts. One of the most famous and most enjoyed Armenian desserts is the Baklava. This dish could hardly be connected to this country, as it is a common dessert in the Balkans and in Turkey. The Butter Cookies that are known under the name of Kurabia also have Greek and Turkish origins. Other desserts are: Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, Fried Doughs and Cheese Puffs. These are only few of the numerous dishes that are served as desserts in Armenia.

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