The appetizers have an important role in each cuisine. They represent the first dish, during a meal and usually consist of vegetables, cheese and meats. The quantities of spices that are used for these recipes are big. As a consequence, these dishes enhance the appetite.

The Armenians do not have specialized recipes for appetizers. However, they use salads, some light meat dishes, vegetables and breads to remediate this problem. The salads that may appear as appetizers at an Armenian meal are: Tabouleh Salata, Fassoulia Plaki, Fassoulia Piaz, Fassoulia Salata. As the name suggests, a frequent ingredient is represented by the beans. The meats served as entree are: Kherna, Patlijan Kufta, Meat Boerag, Kharpet Porov Kufta and Lahmajoon. Also, foods based exclusively on vegetables can be served as the first dish. Those who are worth to be mentioned are: Hamov Patlijan, Engtiinar, Irnan Bayeldi, Dapkadz Karnabede. Sou-Boerag 58 is an appetizer special made for the vegetarians. It doesn't contain meat, nor other ingredients of animal provenience. The Armenians produce many types of breads and use to serve it along with cheese or olives, as entrees. Some pies that are filled with cheese resemble of the breads. Such pies are: Tapsi Banir Boerag, Banir Boerag, Peynirlee.

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