Helado (ice-cream or sorbet) is very much enjoyed and in older times, desserts like these were made of snow in Mendoza. There is a wide diversity of sweet pastries and pastes: dulche de leche (sweet of milk) is the filling for cakes and pancakes, alfajores, tortas fritas made with butter, sugar, eggs and egg yolks, vanilla, grated lemon rind, flour and cornstarch and the cookies are sandwiched together with dulche de leche with caramel spread. Caramel is also used for the panqueques de dulce de leches, also known as caramel crepes. Fruit desserts and puddings are also an Argentinean specialty, like the mazamorra (corn pudding), the raspberry mango fool with orange juice, heavy cream and peach schnapps, or the rich malva pudding, with apricot jam, milk and white vinegar.

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