In Angola, the most common sight in a kitchen is a stew pot filled with meat and vegetables simmering over a fire. This is the soup and it usually is the main course of a meal. They are usually eaten with starchy staple or fufu or rice, millet, sorghum and maize. The main ingredient used in Angolan soups is chicken. Soups flavour is enhanced using spices and different tasty vegetables. Muamba de galinha is a popular Angolan soup that is made from chicken, onion, palm oil, garlic, okra and a type of Angolan hot chilli pepper called gindungo. Some cooks prepare Muamba de galinha using a mixture of palm oil and bacon fat or a mixture of palm oil and olive oil. Another popular soup is Muamba Nsusu, which is made using peanut butter, tomato paste, palm oil and chicken. Egusi soup is also a favourite of the Angolans. It is a kind of soup thickened with ground seeds. The ingredients of Egusi soup are leaf vegetables (bitterleaf and celosia), other vegetables such as tomatoes and okra, seasonings and meats.

Afang Soup is a soup made from afang leaves and meat, seafood or palm oil. Peanut soup is one of the simplest soup recipes. In order to make this soup you will need two parts chicken stock, two parts shelled peanuts, and one part milk or cream, seasoned with salt, black pepper and sugar.

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