Soups are among the most frequently prepared dishes in the country. The first colonial cookbook published in the United States contained a few recipes of soups. This happened in 1742 and is evidence that soups have been prepared for centuries. Thirty years later, another cookbook was published. This time, an entire chapter has been written on this subject. The preparation methods improve each day.

The immigrants brought their own recipes, which were combined with local ingredients and stated later as American soups. The potato soups made by the Germans that arrived in Pennsylvania are now known all over the country. Also, the French had their role in this matter. In 1882 the first booklet about soup was published. It was dubbed Soups and Soup Making.

In most cases, Americans use vegetables, such as beans, broccoli, and potatoes, along with beef, chicken and clam, in various combinations. Clam Chowder is one of the best-known soups in the United States. Other renowned recipes are: Maryland crab soup, Gumbos and Jambalayas.


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