An American snack is a food that most of the times do not constitute a part of a meal. This category of foods contains sandwiches, fritters, cakes with different types of meat and so on. In other words, American snack represent the fast food.

American snacks can be either sweet or spicy. A few examples of spicy snacks would be: Potato chips, beef jerky, and salted peanuts. Nostalgically salted peanuts would be poured into a glass bottle of icy-cold coke, made popular in the 1950's in the South. But this is an almost extinct practice, as coke comes in only plastic bottles today, and this just wouldn't be the same.

Sandwiches are meant as an in-expensive way to get people through the day until dinner. The Bologna sandwich and Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich are infamous in America and be found in many children’s lunch boxes. Besides these, people use beef, in which case the sandwich is named hamburger, and if topped with cheese, then it becomes a cheeseburger. The hamburger is maybe one of the most famous American foods abroad.

Popcorn is another American snack that became popular in the whole world. It is prepared in various manners, with different toppings. A few recipes include popcorn made in coconut oil with butter topping, or made in canola shortening. Either way, it is usually consumed at the movie theaters.


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