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In the United States people enjoy sweets! They can range from candy to pies and cakes with various fillings. Chocolate is often used as flavoring to anyone of these desserts and plays a very important role in American cuisine; you might even say that the average American is addicted to it!

Some of the recipes are not American in the stereotypical sense, but gain popularity very fast. As a proof, there is the fortune cookie, at first made by Asian-Americans in California and now very popular, due to the American-Chinese cuisine.

A very popular dessert is pumpkin pie, which is related to Thanksgiving Day. It is also one of the eldest desserts, as it has Native American roots. Pumpkin Pie along with Pecan Pie and Mince Meats Pie also accompanies Christmas meals.

The Americans have diversified their recipes. One of their favorite desserts is ice cream with various flavors and different toppings.

An ingredient that is used in many recipes is rice. There are puddings, such as Almond rice pudding with apricot sauce and creamy rice pudding, parfaits, like cranberry swirl rice parfait, as well as tarts and crisps, such as brown rice peach crisp or rice tart. But these are only a few desserts made of rice. People proved to be very inventive in this domain.

Apple Pie is very appreciated in the United States. It knows many variations and is made of different kinds of apples that give it various flavors. Brownies, muffins and fudge have an important role among American desserts. The existence of so many desserts shows once again how complex the American cuisine really is.

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