It is well known that a meal should contain appetizers, which are served as the first course, before the soup. Appetizers have various ingredients: meat, cheese, and vegetables. These are seasoned with spices and hot sauces in order to increase the appetite. In the United States, the starters are different, from one region to another. However, some of them are nationally recognized. Among the most popular, there are: Buffalo wings, crab cakes, nachos, onion rings, potato chips, Rocky Mountain oysters. The Buffalo wings is a dish made from chicken wings with spices and vinegar. A Crab cake is a crabmeat patty cooked over direct heat. The nachos are famous in the southern states. These are tortilla chips with various sauces. The onion rings are onions covered with breadcrumbs. The potato chips are thinly sliced potatoes cooked in oil. Usually, these are salted or flavored.

Sandwiches are an American in-between meal solution, which are sometimes homemade, but also helped to develop a real fast-food industry in the United States. They contain cheese or meat, different sauces and greens. However, the appetizers are as diverse as the American cuisine is. Diversity will insure those who visit the United States that the cuisine is not dull.


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