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Algeria is a country well known for the production of good wine. However, being a Muslim majority population, Algerians prefer non-alcoholic drinks instead. Still, some of the greatest wines produced in Algeria are the Medea, Mansourah and Mascara, as red wines and Lismara as a rose white wine.

Citrus drinks and fruit beverages: are commonly served in all regions.

syrups: made of watermelon, apricots, pomegranate, tamarind, mint and almonds are popular.

Fruit punch and cocktails: are easily prepared on the spot, as well as fresh squeezed orange juice.

Other Algerian beverages include:

  • herb teas
  • tisanes
  • coffee (sometimes very sweet called Turkish coffee)
  • almond and sesame milk
  • Yogurts and kefirs -are often consumed as beverages
  • flavored milk shakes- such as banana shakes or chocolate coconut milk shake are a delicacy served sometimes as desserts after meals.
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