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There is not a huge range of Afghani salads that you will find in the cuisine of Afghanistan. Nevertheless there are a few that should be mentioned. Most of the salads that you will find are truly distinctive and very delicately prepared.

Herb Salad: made from fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, topped with fresh watercress, with yogurt house dressing is very soothing and defines the Afghani taste.

Panir Sabzee: made from fresh leaves of mint, basil and watercress, along with scallions, radishes and feta cheese; with or without the traditional house dressing is absolutely delicious and very delicately prepared.

Mosto Khair: is a cool and highly refreshing Afghani salad made from homemade yogurt with chopped cucumbers, onion and mint, is another renowned salad in the cuisine of Afghanistan.

Salad Shirazee: is made from chopped cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and parsley with fresh lemon juice and olive dressing; is truly unique in its essence.

Shor Nakhut salad: offered in the Afghani salad cuisine section is made from chickpeas and is served chilled with vinaigrette dressing.

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