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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Carpetshell Clam]]

About Carpetshell Clam Edit

The carpet-shell clam, scientifically known as Venerupis pullastra, is a hard shell clam and they can be found in the Northwest of the Pacific. Carpet-shell clams are member of the genus Mercenaria in the Mercenaridae family. Carpet-shell clam is similar to a quahog clam. Carpet-shell clam is mollusk that lives in a shell which is generally gray or sandy and it is very hard. Carpet-shell clam also called manila clam can be found all over littoral areas across the Pacific Ocean. Carpet-shell clams have hard oval-shaped shells covered with concentric white strips. The interior of the shell is white and it includes a dark purple muscle which has three cardinal teeth. Carpet-shell clams live a long life approximately thirty years, but not more than fifty years. Carpet-shell clam average size is of about thirty-eight millimeters. Carpet-shell clams move with the help of their single muscular foot which also help them attach on rocks when they are in danger. Carpet-shell clams survive by feeding themselves with algae and other vegetative organism and they use their three white cardinal teeth two grab the food. Generally Carpet-shell clams are eaten by birds, fishes or crabs.

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