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Cajun Courtbouillion

(courtbouillion Originally Meant Anything That WasSimmered Outside on an Open Fire.)

Tabasco sauce (to Taste)

Or Louisiana Red Hot

About 1 to 1 1/2 Pound of Fresh Fish Cubed (just About Any Kind Will Do)

First You Make a Roux. (most Cajun Dishes Start This Way)

The Best Way to Make This is in a Black Cast Iron PotBut Any Thick Pot Will Do.

Brown flour And oil Over Medium Heat Stirring ConstantlySo it Does Not Burn. Cook to a Dark Shade of Brown But NotBurned.

Add onions And garlic.

Simmer For About 12 to 15 Minutes Until onions AppearTranslucent..

Add a Little water And tomatoes, Simmer Until it Thickens (about 15 to 20 Minutes)

Add Fish And Rest of Ingredients.

Simmer For About 1/2 Hour Stirring Occasionally But be CarefulNot to Break up Fish Too Much.

Serve Over Warm rice.

Serves About 8 Regular People or About 4 Cajuns.

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