buttermilk Dressing Mix

Note: buttermilk Powder is Carried in Most Supermarkets, Usually Alongside Nonfat Dry milk or With Baking Supplies.

In Bowl or Jar, Mix Onion, parsley, chives, salt, garlic powder, celery seed, And pepper. Mix Well. Store, Tightly Covered Until Ready to Use. Makes About 3/4 Cup of Mix, Enough to Make Eight Cups of DressingTo Make Dressing:

Shake buttermilk Dressing Mix to Blend Well. Mix The Dry Mix With milk or water (milk Will Make a Richer Dressing, water, a Lighter One) And Mayonnaise. if Desired, Blend 1/2 T. lemon juice Into The Mixture. Makes 1 Cup Dressing. Note: For a Bacon Flavored buttermilk Dressing Mix, Add 1 T. of Commercially Pre Cooked And Crumbled Bacon to The buttermilk Dressing Mix Above. if You Make The Mix Without Adding buttermilk Powder, Reconstitute Using a Half Cup of Whole buttermilk Blended With a Half Cup of Mayonnaise.

Makes 3/4 Cup Mix

Source: my Old Recipes

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