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Brunch on The Run

  • 1 Package Sliced Ham -- (8 Ounce) Cut Into

Half-Inch Squares

Press Biscuits on The Bottom of an Ungreased 9x13 Inch Pan. Sprinkle Ham AndCheese Over Biscuits. in a Bowl, Mix The eggs, milk, salt And pepper And PourOn

Top of The Biscuits, Ham And Cheese. Bake at 450f For 15-20 Minutes. Let Stand

  • 5 Minutes Before Serving. (note: For a Stiffer Set-Up, Use 7 eggs And a Little

Less milk. You Can Also Experiment With Variations Such as Hot Sausage,Prepared

And Drained; Ham And pineapple; Crumbled Bacon; And More Spices.)


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