IMG 7241 heinz beans on toast

Beans on toast (British version) - Can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, tea, super or when ever you want. Yum Yum, a favorite dish for all the family. For a real treat cover liberally with grated cheddar cheese then put under a hot grill until the cheese is all brown and bubbly.

Ingredients Edit

  • bread
  • baked beans
  • butter

Directions Edit

  1. Grill the bread, either white or brown to the colour that you like.
  2. Whilst the toast is in the toaster put the beans in a saucepan preferably (or a microwave dish) and cook until hot.
  3. When the toast is done put loads of butter on -never marge- and put the beans on top.
  4. Add lots of black pepper and Daddies brown sauce on top of the dish and enjoy!

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