A type of pan or mold with fluted sides that is used to form the base of the traditional French bread known as Brioche. When making Brioche, a French dough is prepared with a light yeast and portionally larger amounts of butter and eggs. It is traditionally baked into bread, using a Brioche pan or mold to form the alternating columns on the base of the bread. The base is then topped with a small ball of dough in the center that forms a top knot on the loaf. This bread is referred to as brioche à tête and a brioche mold. The texture of the baked dough is considered to be a closed crumb, forming a tight consistency rather than an open crumb, such as sourdough bread that is loosely textured with holes and air pockets. Brioche dough can be used for breads, buns, and egg or sausage wraps.

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