Description Edit

  • Prep Time: about 10 minutes if keema is already prepared
  • Occasion: Ramadhan
  • Effort: Average

Ingredients Edit

  • already prepared mince meat
  • boiled poatatoes 5-6
  • bread crumbs
  • oil for frying
  • egg whites 2
  • zeera

Directions Edit

  1. cook mince meat as you do remember not to use any oil in it
  2. peel and mash up the potatoes
  3. mix a pinch of zeera in the potatoes
  4. make small round balls of the keema pressing the baals to make them hard
  5. now cover them with a layer of the Potato. make into a ball
  6. dip it in the egg white covering whole ball and then dip it in a bowl of bread crumbs
  7. cover whole ball with the crumbs then fry until nice and brown..then eat..yum yum

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