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Boiled White Icing

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Boiled White Icing

Categories: Cakes, chocolate

Ix sugar, water And Syrup And Cook, Stirring Often, UntilSugar is Dissolved. Boil Until Syrup Reaches Soft BallStage, 234~, on a Candy Thermometer. Beat eggs With SaltUntil Frothy. Add 1/3 of Boiling Syrup to The egg Whites InA Thin Stream, Beating Constantly. Then Return Syrup ToHeat And Cook a Little More. Add Second Third of BoilingSyrup in The Same Manner.

Place Remainder of Syrup on Heat to Reach Crack Stage,About 290~; Add to egg Whites. Add cream of tartar AndVanilla. Whip Until Creamy. if Icing Gets Too Hard AndStiff, Add a Few Drops of water at a Time Until it is Right Consistency For Smooth Spreading.


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