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Bláberjasúpa - Blueberry-bilberry Soup

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Bláberjasúpa - Blueberry-bilberry Soup

Blueberry soup


What we call "bláber", or "blueberries" in Iceland are actually bilberries. Either bilberries or blueberries can be used in this recipe

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Drop the Berries into boiling water and cook on low until they burst, 3-5 minutes. Mix together potato starch/cornflour and cold water. Add Sugar to the soup and stir until melted. Thicken with potato starch/cornflour mix. Serve and enjoy. -Use more thickening mixture to make a blueberry pudding. Pour into a bowl before it stiffens and sprinkle Sugar on top. Serve warm or cold with milk or cream (or half and half).

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