Belgian endive

Name Variations Edit

  • French endive
  • witloof
  • witloof chicory
  • Belgium chicory
  • blanching chicory
  • Dutch chicory
  • green-leaved blanching chicory
  • chicon

About Belgian endive Edit

Wikipedia Article About Belgian endive on Wikipedia

Belgian endive (also known as French endive and witloof; in France it is called endive and in Belgium and some parts of Northern France called chicon) has a small head of cream-coloured bitter leaves. It is grown completely underground or indoors in the absence of sunlight, a process that prevents the leaves from turning green and opening up. This is extensive manual work, as the plant has to be kept just below the dirt surface as it grows, only showing the very tip of the leaves.

Belgian endive is a leaf vegetable with spear-shaped leaves that are white to pale yellow-green or sometimes red in color and tightly packed in cylindrical heads 4 – 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) long. The leaves are characterized by a refreshing, slightly bitter taste.

Belgian endive Recipes Edit

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