Beef chuck blade roast includes blade bone, backbone, rib bone, and a variety of muscles. There are two types of beef chunk blade such as beef chunk blade roast and beef chunk blade steak. Beef chunk blade roast contains numerous little muscles and is by far recognized by the blade bone positioned in the upper center of this cut, but generally in the supermarkets it is found without bones. The beef chunk blade steak is very similar to chunk blade roast except it is sold already cut and it is usually used for grill. Generally beef chunk and blade are similar to beef neck and it is taken from the shoulder. Due to the fact that this cut is not as tender as other parts of the beef the best method of cooking it is to roast but at a small temperature. Steaks and diced meat from the chuck and blade are ideal for casseroles or braising. Because it doesn’t contain so much fat like the neck it is recommended for persons who are watching their weight.

Beef chuck and blade Recipes Edit

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