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Barbecued Whole Leg of Lamb

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Description Edit

Contributed by Healthy Recipes for Diabetic Friends Y-Group

  • Makes 8 servings

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Preheat the barbecue to medium-high.
  2. Meanwhile, with a sharp, narrow knife, make numerous, deep slits into the flesh of the lamb.
  3. Stuff the garlic slices into the slits.
  4. Brush the lamb with the olive oil; rub with the herbes de Provence, salt and pepper.
  5. Set the lamb on one side of the barbecue; close the lid.
  6. Turn the heat off on the side of the barbecue the lamb is sitting on; leave the other side set to medium-high.
  7. Cook the lamb, turning occasionally, until the desired doneness is achieved; 65 to 75 minutes should cook the lamb to medium, medium rare.

Nutritional information Edit

Per serving:

  • 231 Calories | 11.1g Fat | 0.8g Carbs | 0.2g Fiber | 50mg Sodium

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