[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Baby eggplants]]

Name Variations Edit

About Baby eggplants Edit

Baby eggplant is a specie of eggplants, characterized by a longer and thinner shape than the large variety. The baby eggplant has a shiny, purple-black skin with a fine and tender flesh. The best baby eggplants have no wrinkles and they have a specific firmness. Because of the fact that the plant is a fruit and not a vegetable, as it is commonly known, the eggplant is included in the nightshade plants, among with tomatoes and potatoes. The baby eggplant has many forms and variations and one of the most popular ones is the Indian baby eggplant, also called hybrid chu-chu. The Indian baby eggplant is characterized by a smaller size (30 grams) and a red-purple color. This kind of fruit is used in India for the preparation of stuffed foods with minced meat and various vegetables – dishes which are popular in all Asia.

Eggplants are a popular dish when stuffed with a variety of ingredients, sautéed, broiled, baked, grilled, or gently cooked in meat, rice, or cheese dishes and stews.

Baby eggplant Recipes Edit

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