[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Atalanta olive]]

About Atalanta olive Edit

Atalanta olive is a medium-large pale greenish-gray Greek olive that turns purple as it ripens and contains soft fleshy textured meat. It is brine-cured and has a slightly tart, full flavor. It can be served as a complement to salads, with cheese and with fresh vegetables. Also special dishes which are served and prepared with atalanta olive is seafood, because this type of olive gives special aromas and flavor to the dishes. Atalanta olive is also used in preparing pizza, because cooked receives special savor of fried olive oil. Atalanta olives are generally used as a condiment to spice sauces, tossed in salads or grain dishes, or served with sandwiches. Olives can be consumed whole, sliced, pitted, or stuffed with vegetables like carrots. Atalanta olives are very popular in Greek cuisine due to the fact that they have a soft-textured content and a delicately tasty meat. Atalanta olives are used in producing olive oil which is very popular all across the world, but it is as well used as a special ingredient in salads or pastas or you can consume them pickled in salty water.

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