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I bring to your immediate attention of a serious fraud business and fake seeds supply for looting money from victims like me by international mafia from Delhi, India and UK. They have been doing fraud business on the name of fake seeds, named as Apitox UDA Natural herbal seed which are non-exist.

Recently, I have been in search of business opportunities and based on my search for business opportunities, I saw request for local supplier from India to UK for supplyingApitox UDA Natural herbal seed on commission basis and my first communication started on 13th Nov 2015 with UK person Dr George Owen.

Subsequently, he has introduced me to UKperson Dr Elizabeth Garrett, Head Procurement Department from company for business deal and provided the contact details of local supplier Mrs Neha Rajput, Delhi. Further, I understood my role as middleman for trading on commission. Then, UK company has sent request for quotation for the supply of 10 Kg (100 packets of 100 grms each). Each packet costs INR 98,000 from local supplier which was asked to saleat INR 2,64,000 to UK company.

Then, UK Company has strangely put up request for pictures of 10 packetsbefore issuing purchase order and confirmed to visit India on 02nd Dec for collection of delivery. Due to short time, I paid advance of INR 50,000 through NEFT transfer on 26th Nov for sample packet delivery by Courier andtravelled to Delhi on 29th Nov to meet local supplier. However, she refused to meet and demanded for balance payment for meeting. Forcefully, I paid remaining amount of INR 48,000 through NEFT transfer even the courier is not received at Hyderabad. Even after full payment, she refused to meet me by citing various reasons and asked to pay advance for another 10 packets and said to meet me with packets upon confirmation of advance payment. Its felt something fishy and I started suspecting foil play and realized its all fraud business by group of mafia as they insisted me to procure 10 packets of seeds of cost INR 9,80,000.

Further, requesting you to refer below furnished details and communications for detailed understanding of statement of case and I have further evidence of local supplier address pictures and telephone recordings. To my further investigation, there is no such seed called Apitox UDA Natural herbal globally but these fraud group of people are looting money from victims and smartly removing any information related to subject from Internet.Still, I am in contact with them for trapping.

Please take up the case seriously to avoid further fraud to protect society and also recover my loss.



Production Manager 

Tel:-  +44 8719748917

Dr Elizabeth Garrett

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

Procurement Department,

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 8719155337

Web: -



Name:-Mrs Neha Rajput

ADDRESS: 2188A, Ground Floor, Back Side Road No. 106 Gate No 5 Green Field Colony, Faridabad-121003 Haryana

Tel:- +91 9953223503 (Phone is registered on the name of Ankit Garg )

Deposited INR 98000 into below account:

Name :-Mr Raju Negi Account Number:- 20245737671 ifsc code Sbin0001076 Branch: RK Puram Branch, New Delhi

Other Accounts for future deposits:


Bank of India,Delhi

Acc: 504310110001766

Ifsc Code: BKID0005043



Punjab National Bank

Acc: 4498000100031433

Ifsc : PUNB0449800


Based on my search for business opportunities, I have seen request for local supplier from India for Apitox UDA Natural herbal seed and my first communication started on 13th Nov 2015

From : Victim (Myself)

Hi Dr. George (13th Nov 2015)

Greetings of the day...!

I am a IT professional from Farmer's family and I see your business proposal and would be interested in supplying herbal seeds.

Btw, I visited London on business trip for last 2 months and currently based out of Hyderabad.

Please send your proposed requirements and suggest your convenient time to discuss in detail.

Thanks and Regards



Dear Sir, (15th Nov 2015)

I really appreciate your reply, here is the business proposal.

The name of the herbal seed which my company require is (ApitoxUda, Natural Herbal Seed) and the weight of 1 packet of  is 100 grams, it’s sold for 98,000 rupees i.e (1,500 USD) by the original local dealer in India and my company buys the same product for 260,000 rupees which is (4,000 USD) While i was the company’s purchase manager , i have been purchasing this product from the dealer for more than 3 years and there has never been any complain about the quality standard of this product,  the local dealer in India has the best quality in the world suitable for my company’s specification, I promise you, if you stick to my instruction and listen to my advice we will carry out this supply and share the profit without any ditch. 

I want to introduce  you to my company as the local dealer that has been supplying me the product (ApitoxUda, Natural Herbal Seed) once i introduce you to my company they (PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT) will begin negotiation with you as regards the price and the quantity, the reason why i want you to close the gap between my company and the local dealer is simply because i don't want my company to find out how much i have been buying the product. If I’m fully convinced that you are capable of handling this supply deal confidently i.e purchasing the herbal seed from the original local dealer and supply to my company's new purchasing manager that will be coming to your country, then I will introduce you to my company's (PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT) immediately so they will start negotiation with you and  open a letter of purchase order in your favor and make plans on how to send the new purchasing manger over to India.

It’s the sole responsibility of my company to transport the Herbal Seed from (New Delhi –INDIA) to (London UNITED KINGDOM), your responsibility ends after you have supplied the Herbal Seed to the new purchasing manager and collect your payment. 

But before we can move on to the business proper, I need your assurance on the following:

(1)That my percentage of the net profit should be given to me as agreed after supply.

(2)That you shouldn't allow the company to know that I gave you contact of the local dealer because you are to act as the local dealer to the company.

(3)That on no accord should you allow the company or its delegate to have the direct contact of the local dealer. This is in other to protect our interest in subsequent transaction; hence, this transaction would be a continuous one for us.

(4) What will you give me from the net profit as my percentage?

Once again kindly be informed, that there is no illegal consequences in this supply , the product is not prohibited by any law in the world. 

I need you to send me your full name, address and contact mobile number, so i can send you the local dealer contact detail in my next mail.

in case you don't understand anything feel free to ask me any question. you can also contact me on watsap +447749830223

Awaiting your response 



Production Manager 

Tel:-  +44 8719155337


Dear Dr George, (15th Nov 2015)

Thanks for your response and details about business proposal...!

It looks fine with me however, we need to understand more in details to establish trusty business relation. 

Further to your queries, some of the points are mentioned below for your clarify and confirmation:

·  I assure, this business deal would be kept confidential between us and maintain confidentiality mutually.

·  Please propose your profit share

·  Provide the supplier details and information

·  supply requirement details (Quantity, Quality, frequency of supply, etc)

·  Supplier / Exporter criteria and requirements (Individual, Registered Company, Logo, label etc)

·  Terms and conditions of the Business deal, payment terms

·  Your company details and if there is any sales office in India

·  Supplier selection process and timelines to start supplies

·  samples / photos / details of ApitoxUda, Natural Herbal Seed, its condition

·  Company business Contacts and schedule of India visits (may be later)

·  Any other points 

Please find my contact details below and requesting your contact details

Please note, I will disengage from the business deal sooner if its found any illegality, breach of trust, and cheating etc

I believe, there no investment, deposit, financial obligation in this proposed business.

Further your response is much appreciated

Thanks and Regards


Dear Sir, (19th Nov 2015)

Thanks for your response.  

I am very much ready and prepared to partner with you in this business venture, and I believe that our partnership is going to last long. Regarding the Percentage issue, I will appreciate your consideration to offer me 30% of the net profit while you manage 70% because i understand the role you are going to play in this supply, after this first time business we can make some changes to favor you more during the next transaction, Since this supply is going to be a continuous one.

 Here is the contact detail of the local dealer in India;


Name:-Mrs Neha Rajput

ADDRESS: 2188A, Ground Floor, Back Side Road No. 106 Gate No 5 Green Field Colony, Faridabad-121003 Haryana

Tel:- +91 9953223503


I request you to contact and confirm from the local dealer the availability of the product and the current market price, please do inform me so that I can introduce you officially to my company for further negotiations in respect of the supply and for my company to issue you a purchase order.

My company is a Pharmaceutical company based here in London and we are into manufacturing of Drugs / vaccines. My company's name is Fandex Pharmaceuticals UK -London, and the required products name is APITOX (UDA) Natural Herbal Seed. And my supplier from India has the best product in the world; I have been purchasing the material from them in the past (3)three years without any problem. During my last transaction with the local dealer from India, each packet of APITOX (UDA) Natural Herbal Seed cost was 98,000 rupees, and the weight of 1 packet is 100 gram, the material is a Herb Seed and it is very rare to find and we use these natural herb seed in manufacturing drugs for HIV & AIDS patients, also we use it to manufacture vaccines for RACING HORSES and others.

I wish to remind you that it is the duty of my company's procurement department to inform you concerning the required quantity of the herbal seed to be supplied, and you will be officially notified in the Company's Purchase Order as at when due. And depending on the demand for the product, the supply can be done once in a month.

My company's representative coming to buy the material from you will handle the shipment from India to UK -LONDON and not you, the shipment of the material from India to UK -LONDON is the total responsibility of my company. Your sole and primary duty in this transaction is to buy the material from the local dealer and sell to my company's representative when he arrives in India without letting the company purchasing officer know the local dealer. In this transaction, my company understands that you are the local dealer of the material in India. The payment of the herbal seed is strictly cash on delivery. 

Kindly give me all the necessary information once you have discussed with the local dealer, to enable me make an official recommendation to my company that you can supply the needed material; you can reach me on phone with this number +44 8719155337 24 hrs. Daily.

My Company has no sales office in India, i am glad to be acquainted with you in this great business adventure.

Looking forward to your positive response.



Fandex Pharmaceutical Company 


Dr George (21st Nov 2015)

Thanks for your response and nice talking with you. I believe, its viable business deal.

So, its just middleman job, purchase product from local supplier to handover it to your company representative and collect the payment on the spot delivery.

and further, I have below queries and requests:

·  How it was delivered earlier? Was there any middleman or you handled it directly with profit?

·  Why this product can't be couriered from India to London? Why a person needed to visit India barely for collection of product?

·  If you trust me, do you fund it for first lot purchase and I will return the amount on receipt of payment from your company

·  How long your person stay in India on each visit?

Thanks in advance, will talk to you soon........

Thanks and Regards


Dear Victim, (22nd Nov 2015)

I have received your letter and noted your queries; yes the supply is strictly based on buying and selling, while you’re supplying the herbal seed you shouldn't allow the new purchase manager that will be coming to India met the original local supplier in India or allow the purchase manager know the actual price you are purchasing the seed, you are suppose to get the herbal seed ready before his arrival and met him in his hotel room.

Secondly, during my days as the purchasing manager, there was no intermediary between myself and the local supplier in India, I handle all the transaction including my profit between my company and the local supplier without the knowledge of both my company or the local supplier, like I have out rightly explained to you over the phone. The herbal seed cannot be couriered directly by the local supplier from India to London without somebody from the company coming to properly check the herbal seed and make sure the right herbal seed are packaged and transported to United Kingdom. 

Thirdly, my dear friend to be very honest and sincere with you, i have a very huge project going on right now, I am building a personal pharmaceutical company in United States of America, which am trying to make sure by the grace of God it will beginning operation by mid 2016, the project has cost me so much, currently i am not capable of financing the supply, that was the reason i reduced my share of the percentage of the net profit. 

The purchase order will be valid for only 5 days; the purchase manger will stay 5 days in India, which means within 5 days you have to complete the supply of the total order the company will require. 

The quotation simply goes like this 

1 packet of Apitox UDA herbal seed 100 gram …. Rs 2,64,000.00 

Seed are readily available.

The Company Can order up to 50 to 100 packets of the seed in a month depending.


Dr. George Owen


From on 21st Nov 2015

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We have received your inquiry on our Product, ApitoxUda seed

We manufacture verity of fluids which is Animal Vaccines, Injection, food dietary and supplement for Sub Saharan Horses, etc With over 12 years manufacturing wholesale experience of product in stock.

Neha Rajput Farm is the best for high quality raw material fluids with value including precious animal herb we are a wholesale manufacturer and based on the belief that our client need are of the utmost importance.

Find our Product ApitoxUda seed pricing Quotation with term and conditions below

•    ApitoxUda seed 50 grams - 50,000 R.s

•    ApitoxUda seed 100 grams - 98,000 R.s

•    ApitoxUda seed 200 grams – 1,94,000 R.s


•    50% will be paid into our nominated bank account and the remaining 50% will be collected on delivery of the herbal seed.

•    100% payment to our nominated bank account once we confirm your payment we will send the herbal seed to your preferred address via courier.

We are not a retailing company we base on bulk supply for international market.

If our product does not meet your requirement/specification, we will be delighted to have them back and refund your money

Stock is available, though our earlier dealers are in much demand of the product this period due to high demand of our earlier clients we will like to know your order.

Attached to this mail is a picture of the seed 

Further contact us so that we can raise the necessary order processing and provide you with our nominated account details


Mrs. Neha Rajput


From on 23rd Nov 2015

Dear Sir,

Here is the Account Detail

State Bank of India Name :-Mr Raju Negi Account Number:- 20245737671 ifsc code Sbin0001076 Branch New Delhi


From  on 23rd Nov 2015


Procurement Department,

Frandex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

107 Stratford Road, 

Birmingham, B11 4AD.

United Kingdom

web :-


Dear Madam,

I officially recommend Mr. Victim to the Procurement Department for the procurement of our required raw materials in India.

I have been purchasing the best quality of (Apitox UDA Herbal Seed) from him during my numerous visits to India as the company's Purchase officer.

He is a FARM OWNER that cultivates Herbal Raw Materials in India.

I am recommending him to your Department, in absolute trust and confidence, based on his credibility and ability to source and supply any of our related raw materials both now and in the future.

You can contact him officially to commence negotiations with the information below;

Name :- Mr. Victim

Email id :- victim

Madam, You can as well contact me for any further clarification or inquiries your department may require regarding the supply.



Production Manager

Tel: +44 8719748917


From on 23rd Nov 2015

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

Procurement Department,

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD

United Kingdom

Web: -

Attention Mr. Victim,

We have been advised by Dr. George Owen (The Company's former purchase manger) that you are a local farmer based in India and you have in stock our required raw material Apitox (UDA) herbal seeds.

Confirm your readiness to supply the under listed herbal raw material below; -

S/No.                Qty                           Description of Materials 

1,        100 Packets (10 kg)                Apitox (UDA) herbal seeds

Confirm availability of the materials and send us your Quotation, specifying your terms of payment and mode of delivery to finalize negotiations and issue you a purchase order.

Your quotation should be on Free On Board (F.O.B) India only.

We will issue you our official Purchase Order and depart our purchase officer to India for payment and delivery, if your prices are moderate. 

You can contact us for any further inquiries or clarifications.

Looking forward for a long lasting business relationship with you.

Thanks & regards,

Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Head Procurement Department


From victim on 25th Nov 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Garrett

Head Procurement Department,

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD

United Kingdom

Web: -

Thanks for your inquiry regarding supply of Apitox UDA herbal seed. In response to your mail & inquiries, please find below our prices. 

Price for Apitox UDA herbal seed is $4,000 which is equivalent to 2,64,000 Indian Rupees per packet of 100 gram.

All prices are for F.O.B. -India basis.

Material is readily available in stock. We will supply 100% of your total order upon arrival of your Purchase Officer to India.

Terms of Payment:-

Cash on Delivery upon confirmation of Materials in India.

Payment will be received in local currency.

We request you to kindly evaluate the above prices and issue us your Purchase Order and send your Purchase Officer to India for payment and delivery.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks and Regards



From victim on 27th Nov 2015

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

Head Procurement Department,

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD.

United Kingdom

Web: -

Dear Dr. Elizabeth Garrett,

We write to acknowledge the receipt of your mail and wish to confirm our acceptance of price on F.O.B New Delhi, India

However we request you to adjust in terms of supply, we will not be able to supply all the herbal seed at once due to some problem we are facing currently, we assure you that we will supply the total packets of herbal seed required in batches. For example we will supply 10 packets in the first batch immediately we will receive payment, then 20 packets in the next batch e.t.c. to fulfill the delivery in 3-4 batches. That gives you the ample time to check the delivery quantity, and quality. 

We humbly request you to send your purchasing manager to arrive in India on 02nd Dec 2015 for 4 days stay and take delivery of the specified materials. Please share contact details of your Purchasing Manager, point of delivery in New Delhi and travel plan.

We await the receipt of your purchase order and we are expecting a good business relationship with your company now and in the future.

Hoping for a positive response from you.

With Regards

​Mr Victim


From on 28th Nov 2015

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

Head Procurement Department,

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD

United Kingdom

Web: -

Dear Mr. Victim,

Regarding our conversation over the telephone, we request you to send us the pictures of 10 packets Apitox UDA herbal seed which you will be supplying as the initial supply for our confirmation.


Dr. Elizabeth Garrett

Head procurement Department


From victim (on 26th Nov 2015)

​Hi Neha

Greetings of the day...!!

Please find attachment, advance payment confirmation as l have deposited INR 50 K for below order as sample :

•    ApitoxUda seed 100 grams - 98,000 R.s

Please courier it to below address for immediate delivery in 2 to 3 days

Further,  we order below quantity for delivery on 1st week of Dec 2015. Please send quotation: •    ApitoxUda seed 100 grams - 100 packets (10kg)

Please note:

100 packets order is based on above sample satisfactory results We will return the Parcel for 100% refund in case it doesn't meet our requirements

Your confirmation of payment for immediate delivery and availability of order is highly appreciated

Thanks and Regards


From victim (on 30th Nov 2015)

Dear Mrs Neha

Please see attachment, payment confirmation of balance 48 K for sample packet

As said, I will be waiting for our meeting and order for next 9 packets today.  Further, we need 90 packets in next week and believe me, its request and reliable business deal


From (02nd Dec 2015)

From victim (on 01st Dec 2015)

Fandex Pharmaceuticals Company

Head Procurement Department,

107 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4AD.

United Kingdom

Web: -

Dear Dr. Elizabeth Garrett,

Per your order confirmation for Apitox UDA Natural herbal seed and subsequent communications, we confirm the availability of order quantity for your collection in next week from New Delhi. We request you to issue the Purchase Order accordingly

Regarding pictures, Its taking more time for packing, collection from our site however, its not a hurdle as I have shared the sample picture.

Further, we request for 50%  advance payment which is mandatory for processing your purchase order and remaining amount can be paid on actual delivery.

We await the receipt of your purchase order so that we can provide bank details for advance payment.

Hoping for a positive response from you.

With Regards

Thanks and Regards Victim


From on 02nd Dec 2015

Attention Mr. E Victim,

We received your recent mail; we try communicating with you over the phone but your mobile number wasn't connecting, we received the sample picture of the herbal seed which you sent, we will like to draw your rapt attention to our TERMS OF PAYMENT. Kindly note that our mode of payment is strictly CASH ON DELIVERY. 

We will not make any advance payment without confirmation of the herbal seed in your country, we request to send us the 10 packets of Apitox Herbal seed before we issue you our official purchase order and depart out new purchase manger to India.

We are looking forward for a long lasting business relationship with you.

Head Procurement Department

Dr. Elizabeth Garrett.  


From victim (on 02nd Dec 2015)

Dear Dr Elizabeth,

With reference to your mail, please refer your initial communication and order request, there is no such clause / condition / request to send you the picture of 10 packets of Apitox Herbal seed before issuing official purchase order and depart out new purchase manger to India.

As a sole supplier, we have required quantity for you and requesting you for 50% advance payment immediately for processing your order

Thanks for your understanding and necessary action 

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