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Directions Edit

1 Pre-heat oven to 375 °F, 190 c, gas mark Drain the can of salmon. 2 Flake the fish. 3 Mix with the Cheese, onions and red pepper. 4 Set aside. 5 Put the flour into a bowl, add the eggs, salt and basil. 6 Mix well to form a soft dough. 7 Divide into egg size pieces. 8 Knead until smooth. 9 Roll the dough pieces on a lightly floured board to a maximum 2mm / 1/10 inch thick or roll each piece through a pasta maker reducing the setting to 5 or 6 over 3 or 4 rollings. 10 Cut the pasta sheets into 3 cm / 1 ½ inch squares. 11 Put salmon filling onto one corner of each square then fold in half diagonally to make a triangular "pattie". 12 Dry on silicone paper for 1 hour before cooking, turning each pattie over after 30 minutes to dry undersides. 13 Put the soup into a casserole dish and drop the salmon patties into it. 14 Cover with a lid and cook in the oven for 30 minutes. 15 Uncover and sprinkle with the Cheese. 16 Continue cooking for a further 10 minutes. 17 Serve with salad. 18 Serves Approx. 390 kcals per serving

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