Have you ever wanted to be an Admin? Maybe you are already an admin and you are looking to adopt a new wikia! are in luck! Here is a current list of wikias that either have no admins or wikias that only have 1 or 2 (that are looking to expand).

If you would like to adopt a wikia:

  1. Make 50-100 edits on the wikia you choose. We want to see productive edits!
  2. Message ASnow89 and explain your interest in the wikia.

Wikias to Adopt Edit

  1. Diet Wikia
  2. Japanese Recipes
  3. BBQ Recipes
  4. Gluten Free Recipes
  5. Dessert Wikia
  6. Colombian Recipes Wikia
  7. Slow Food Recipes

Do you know of a wikia that is up for adoption? Message Asnow89!

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