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Luxurious is authentic

I'm not saying that more is better. In a way, spoiling is poverish. An example of a spoiled dish is creamy carbonara recipe as found on this website. It has mushroom, Nestle cream, milk, mushroom soup, mushrooms. and optional some extra bacon bits. I can't tell wether this recipes wikia is supposed to be an archive that has authenticity as it's first priority. But I have. And I can say that creamy carbonara is nowhere near the traditional way of preparing carbonara.
Likely, one is free to alter any recipe according to taste, it would be fun to do and being expirimental in the kitchen good for personal growth of taste. But it is hard to find legit recipes that stick to traditional way of cooking an original dish, when everyone would post recipes like this.
In my opinion, taking the internet as a platform to educate oneself, is mostly a process of discarding information that is too personal. When I search for a recipe with Google, there aren't many too much eligilbe sources that focus on authenticity.
Many people, use their creativity in the kitchen when trying something out the first time, wich will always have my thumbs up. In my case, if i'd follow this custom with taking elements from the varying crespelles recipes, to create something I'd consider to be the most authentic way of preparation, I'm never sure what I'm really gonna get, let alone that I could confirm wether it was the real deal.
Is anyone of you smart enough to show me the right way to do it, or to introduce me to a community where I'm likely to find help?
My main question is; what is the traditional way of preparing crespelles dish with ricotta and spinach, what sauce should I need, and what are the core essentials and best ingredients to go with?
My personal preference is an element of tomato in the sauce to achieve the tricolore effect, important is to use the least range of ingredients and favorably only the essential ingredients for this dish.
Yours truly,
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